The Human Rights Of IDPs To Quality Public Services.

According to UN Guiding Principles on IDPs (2004), African Union Convention for the protection and assistance of Internally Displaced Persons in Africa (Kampala Convention 2009), and Nigeria policy on IDPs (2013), the internally displaced person should enjoy the same rights as other citizens in the country.

The national authorities should provide protection and assistance to them, considering their specific needs. A collaborative response system is advocated to recognize that no agency in the international arena has a mandate to protect and
cater to IDPs.

The advocacy is vital because the authorities’ inability or unwillingness to fulfil these responsibilities is often glaring in the absence of concerted efforts to attend to the IDPs’ needs.

TV Sense worked with the Public Services International (PSI) in unraveling the Human rights of IDPs in North East and Abuja Nigeria. Health is a right.

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